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Getting down to the wire

Today is Day 7! Seven days of boobies.  WOW!  I can’t believe we’ve made it through all this and we’re entering the home stretch.  We will still be accepting photos and taking donations until 12:01AM Monday October 8, 2007!!  That’s less than 12 hours away.  So, get those donations in and those photos!!

And a huge thank you to all the volunteers this year.  I really couldn’t have done this without you.  Kimberley helped wrangle up the donation volunteers while Peggy handled all the photo editors and filled in empty spots when she could.  Misty rocked with getting all the donations together, making a killer spreadsheet (girls got made excel skills) and being my sounding board through out all of this.  Lisa and Robyn offered their help as well, since this was my first year behind the wheel. And we can’t forget about Theresa, Matt, Amanda, Da Goddess, Jennifer, Kat, Amy, SeaRabbit, Cheryl, Luka and GC!!  You guys didn’t have to help but you did anyway!!  I am forever grateful for everything you have done.  I never imagined this event would touch my life the way it has but seeing and being a part of something that has touched and helped so many people has made me one big emotional mess (in a good way!).  Thank you!!

Thank you all for being here and helping us raise over $5,000!  It’s not as much as the year’s past, but it’s still a considerable amount of money and for my first year out here, I’ll totally take it.  We’ll be back again next year, rocking and rolling for this great cause!!

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