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The 2007 Boobie-Thon is over.  Just as fast as it arrived, it has now ended.  I can not thank our volunteers enough for all their hard work.  Really, if they didn’t volunteer we wouldn’t be doing this every single year.  This was my first year as the Event Coordinator and the volunteers welcomed me and worked their butts off for you!  Thank you all!! 

Than there are all of you out there.  People who donated.  People who submitted photos and also everyone who linked to and wrote about this year’s Boobie-Thon.  You helped get the word out by getting people to this site, raising awareness.  We’ve raised $5,666.00 this year. That’s over $40,000.00 in six years!!  That in and of itself it amazing.  I know I didn’t do as well as past years, but I promise that we’ll be back again next year and we’re going to try to kick some major ass to make up for it.  I’ve learned a lot this past week and plan on using that knowledge to make next year even better.

Thank you all so much.  This has been an amazing week with a few bumps along the way, but so so so worth every moment.  Thank you for being here with me.  Thank you for supporting this great cause. 

Melissa, Chief Boobie Officer

Posted by Mel at 11:07 PM on Sunday, October 07 2007 | Permalink | Contact

You did a great job Mel, you should be super proud!!

By: Kathy
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Posted on: 10.08.2007


Great job everyone!

By: Eric Brooks
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Posted on: 10.08.2007

you did an awesome job - congratulations! Every bit counts. Thank you.

By: Lynne
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Posted on: 10.09.2007
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