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Boobies 1, Cancer 0

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!


Hot Air

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Night Life Mag featured The Blogger Boobie-Thon in their September 27th issue.

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Chief Boobie Officer on FM99

{title} Bright and early this morning I woke up, not only to add new rack shots to the site and update the donations we received overnight, but also to chat with the Tommy & Rumble morning show.  I have to admit that I don’t listen to the show but I had tuned in before the interview to see what they were all about and they are pretty damn funny! 

It was a really fun talking to them about the Boobie-Thon and I am so glad I got to be on their show for a few minutes.  You can download the clip below, which I download off of their OnDemand section.

Download Clip Remember to right click and save to your desktop.

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Boobies on the airwaves!

{title} The Morning Sludge on Richmond’s Y101 Rock Alternative radio station interviewed “The Chief Boobie Officer” (that would be me in case you are new around here wink ) this morning. It was a lot of fun and we can’t thank The Morning Sludge enough for getting us on the air and supporting this year’s Boobie-Thon!! 

They were also nice enough to send us our segment which aired this morning at 8:50 AM Eastern.  Enjoy! 

Download Clip (please right-click and save as)

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Imperial Valley News

The Boobie-Thon is featured at Imperial Valley News.


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