The Boobie Ball a Smash Hit!


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How fun is this?  Yesterday’s Boobie Ball went off without a hitch and final numbers are being tallied and the amazing success of this event has blown ME away!

When I left the ball 45 minutes after it’s scheduled end time, donations will still coming in, and the total on the board was about 230,ooo Lindens. Now that in and of itself is completely incredible!! The total will triple when we send our money to Susan G. Koman via Boobie-Thon, since Miss Serra and I are both matching your funds, and we’ll have 690,000 Lindens or more than $2600.00 US.

What?  Over $2600.00!  gulp Incredible.  I have no words.

We can’t wait to hear more details and get more photos of the Ball!  And I might just need to hook myself up with Second Life so I can party with these wonderful people in the virtual world. 

We will definitely be bringing you more information as we get it. 

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The event was truly inspiring and went off with nary a hitch. All credit goes to Serra and Eva for managing all the elements of this complex event to perfection, from planning to hostessing.

For more commentary and pics of the event, look at


By: Zealot BenmerguiComment Permalink • Posted on: 10.05.2008

Hello!  My name is Gabrielle Riel, and I provided the music at yesterday’s Boobie Ball in Second Life.

Second Life is really the next level of “platform” in the Web 2.0 world.  Most people are familiar with using email, surfing the web, buying things online, participating in online forums, Twitter, MySpace, Facebook…and of course…Blogs!

Virtual worlds are just an extension of these existing online communication tools and communities, and as you can see from the total, people in Virtual Worlds are JUST as interested in donating money to worthy causes!  The American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life knew this well, as they raised $200,000 USD in Second Life this year.

I am proud to have helped support Serra and Eva in yesterday’s event.  We had around 65 Avatars (people) at the dance at one point.  So, welcome to Second Life Boobiethon!  And thank you ALL for the work that you are doing here.

By: Gabrielle RielComment Permalink • Posted on: 10.05.2008

*not sure this smile will go off my face for days*

Thanks to everyone who donated!!  This list of donors will hit Red Rose of Caledon later today!


Eva Bellambi, Duchess of Loch Avie

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