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We cracked $8K!

We officially cracked $8,000 on Day 6 of the Boobie-Thon!  Thank you all so much.  Our current total is $8,021.00 and we are still accepting donations

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Getting closer to $8,000!

Alright, here were are, on the verge of $8,000.00!  All donations of $15.00 or more that come in from now until we break $8K will get free access to the Pay Per Boobies section.  We can do this.  Deep deep guys, the Boobie-Thon is coming to an end tomorrow October 7, 2008 at midnight and we could use all the donations we can get!! Please help!

Also, don’t forget, a donation of $100 will win you the fabulous The Moxie Prize Pack has been taken!

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Moxie Prize Pack up for grabs!

Update: The Moxie Prize Pack is gone!  Thank you for donating!

We have a great little deal here for you from one of our Boobie-Thon™ Sponsors

Joelle Reeder & Kathy Scoleri, also known as The Moxie Girls™, have donated a fabulous prize for us to giveaway! 

Moxie Prize Pack

In addition, you will also receive access to the 2008 Pay Per Boobies and the 2007 Pay Per Boobies section.  Double the boobies!!

The next person who donates $100.00 or more to the Boobie-Thon™, will win the Moxie Prize Pack and the 2 Pay-Per-Boobie Passes (2008 & 2007)! 

Go Donate

We want to personally thank Joelle & Kathy for their prize donation and for continuing to support the Boobie-Thon year after year.  They are great women and kickass designers, who I am also proud to call my friends.  Thank you both!

Joelle Reeder & Kathy Scoleri, also known as The Moxie Girls™, are the design duo behind the popular blog design firm Moxie Design Studios™. With 20 collective years of internet design experience, they are leaders in the blog design market and authors of “The IT Girl’s Guilde to Blogging with Moxie” (Wiley & Sons, 2007). Joelle & Kathy are strong advocates of breast health and cancer research and have supported Boobie-Thon™ since the beginning. Yay boobies!

If you would like to be a Boobie-Thon™ Sponsor, please get in touch. 

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Day Six and Good Monday Morning!

Hey there internets.  We are back this morning for Day Six!  Because of everyone’s wonderful generosity, we have now raised $7,621.00 during the Boobie-Thon and we are overwhelmed to say the least.  So far we have raised a total of $6,615.48 for Komen for the Cure and $1,005.32 for The KatScan Fund. Simple Amazing!

We could never have done this without all of you who are donating money and photos of your boobs.  We also couldn’t have done it without all of our great volunteers who work around the clock to bring this site to you for seven straight days.

We want to give a huge shout again about The Boobie Ball.  There was a huge turnout for that and Red Rose of Caledon, Eva Bellambi and Serra Anansi for everything they did to put on a great fundraiser.  They managed to raise over $2700 at the Boobie-Ball and then they went and donated it for Boobie-Thon!  We will be forever grateful.  You can see a list of all the participants of The Boobie Ball at Red Rose of Caledon and Inperpetua.  In additiona, check out some more photos from the amazing event.  I am SO gonna be there next year.  Thanks again Red Rose of Caledon, Eva Bellambi and Serra Anansi.

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Tie a Knot and HANG ON!

When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.  ~Franklin D. Roosevelt

The HOPE of being a SURVIVOR wasn’t an option given to me when I
found out I had Stage IV Breast Cancer! I was told Lauren , you have
Terminal Cancer .The average life span is 1-5 years with stage IV Breast
Cancer . I was mis-diagnosed when I first found my lump. By the time I
finally was diagnosed, I had breast cancer in most of my bones at the age of
37. I have bone metastasis to my spine, collarbones, hips, neck, sternum,
ribs , pelvis and skull. My doctor believed my “lump ” was a cyst and
insisted I was TOO YOUNG for Breast Cancer. I had 2 mammograms and 1 ultra
sound , they both came back clear. My last Mammogram came back suspicious.
Knowing how bad I felt , I insisted on a BIOPSY.They found a 6 cm sized
tumor and I woke up to the words “its cancer” ! One would ask how can this
be ?Why didnt the mammogram pick up the tumor ? I have what doctors call
“DENSE “Breast Tissue..That means it’s hard to see Cancer through the
“thick” tissue. Breast MRI’s are now being used more often and will
eventually prevent this mis-diagnosis in women. Most insurance companines
are not covering Breast MRI’s for screening purposes . Hopefully this will
change soon !!!!!!

I wouldn’t accept that I couldn’t survive. I sought out several opinions
and chose to be placed in a Research study and HOPED for the best . The
Avastin chemotherapy trial is now approved for Stage IV Breast Cancer. I was
the first arm at my Cancer Center for the Avastin / Taxotere study that is
now shrinking many breast tumors in women . I still don’t have any
activity in my breast where my 6 cm tumor was. I went through 15 months of
chemotherapy. I lost my hair, my fingernails & toe nails. I had mouth sores,
and a lot of pain , it was all worth it. I have been on 6 different types of
chemotherapy in the last 2 1/2 years. I am proud to be one of the women
paving the way for other SURVIVORS life spans to be pro-longed and possibly
cured ! I will continue to be in studies as long as my body allows me. I am
currently on Oral Chemotherapy at the moment . Some old disease has recently
decided to “wake” up again. I plan on putting cancer in a coma !!!

As I write this , its been 3 years since I found my breast mass! I have
SURVIVED past that 1 year time line that was given to me. I have HOPE
everyday. I live my life to the fullest on feel good days. I continue
treatments when I have flare ups . I’ll do whatever it takes to SURVIVE
Breast Cancer, I want to live to see my children grown. I want to be a
grandmother. I love my family and children. I fight everyday to continue
living life with my husband , children and family ! I have always been a
lover of life and I treasure every day I breathe ! I am a DAUGHTER of 40
years, a WIFE of 18 years and MOTHER of 17 years. These are my YEARS and I
plan on living many more . I am a SURVIVOR living with Stage IV Breast
Cancer. I HOPE to see a CURE in my Lifetime. I will hang on to that HOPE
until I breathe my last breath .

My Message to Women is this! I urge everyone to do Breast Self Exams
monthly starting at the age of 16. Breast Cancer has no AGE limit. If you
find a lump visit your Doctor . Never forget your yearly Mammogram. If you
are told the lump is a cyst have a biopsy or drain it immediately Don’t
wait and never give up searching for answers.

When you come to the end of your rope , tie a knot and HANG ON !

Lauren Groover

To see all of the survivor stories, please visit the Survivor Gallery. If you are a survivor, we would love for you to share your story.

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We are here!

Just add a few more photos to the gallery and we’re processing a few more to get up in a little while.  We are also here waiting for donationsWe need 0 more donations to get to 100 donors and if you are donor number 100, regardless of the amount you donate, you will get access to the Pay Per Boobies!

Dig deep people, we need your donations.

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Thank you Boobie Ball!

I will probably be saying this a few more times, but thank you Boobie Ball.  I am dancing around my office right now! 

The first half of the Boobie Ball donation has arrived and we have pushed right past $5K.  Thanks to the Boobie Ball we are up to $5,850.48 and we’ve raised more than our total donations in 2007!

On top of all of that, The Boobie Ball was donor number 91!  We are only 8 away from 100, which means, if you are donor number 100, regardless of the amount you donate, you will get access to the Pay Per Boobies!!!

AHHHH! There is so much going on and we have an inbox full of new photos that we are working like mad to get on the site. 

Go visit Red Rose of Caledon and give The Red Rose a huge thank you!

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Life is too Important

Life is too Important to be Taken Seriously!  Oscar Wilde

We now interrupt this fairy tale with a very important announcement. 

I have always lived a charmed life.  Not without strife, but with an amazing resolve, a God-given ability to forget the negative, and a conviction that the universe is unfolding as it should.

What did I have to make me question that?  At 31 years old, I had been married 6 years to the world’s best husband, had a successful career, I was bright and healthy despite a few health “bumps in the road”... 

One warm summer night, in the throes of passion… or the beginning of passion I should say, my husband’s hands landed squarely on my breasts and he calmly and gently said “what’s this lump?”.  Passion ended…

Now, I was healthy, had no risk factors, no family history and no reason to think that this “lump” was breast cancer, right?  But that did not stop the screaming in my head, that feeling in my “gut”.  After spending the night reassuring each other that it was perfectly routine, I went to my family doctor (also a 31 year old woman) the very next day.

I went into her office and announced with confident naivety… “I have a lump and I need a prescription for a mammogram.  I want to have this looked at today.”  After the longest conversation I had ever had with her, she finally stopped trying to convince me, even after she felt this lump, to wait three to six menstrual cycles and track any changes and wrote my script.  Perhaps it was my threat to not leave her office or let her see any other patients until she did so?  Whatever the case, I left triumphant, being a woman who is used to be able to forge my own path, create my own destiny, yadda, yadda… and I went home and started to make calls to schedule my mammogram for that day.

So, if you’ve ever tried to schedule a mammogram… layer on top of that being a 31 year old woman with no personal or family history and being told repeatedly 8 out of 10 lumps are not cancer.  I finally begged a woman for an emergency appointment the following week.

My mom came with me.  After all, I had accompanied her on many a mammogram.  The condescending mammo tech asked “Why are you here honey.  You are too young to start down this road?”  I took her hand and placed it on my robe clad cleavage as we walked down the hall, oblivious to how long this road was going to be and where it would take me.

After the seventh time of being pulled in for retakes of my offending breast, I thought I would pass out.  Then off to the ultrasound room, where a radiologist (medical doctor) and technician both assured my mother and me that what they were seeing was a fluid filled cyst.  Nothing to worry about.  IF it would made me feel better, I could have it drained, but not necessary.  I knew right away that my next stop would be a surgical oncologist, so I went to get my records, only to be told by the clerk that I was going to be selfishly wasting the surgeon’s time that he could be spending with people who had cancer.  Boy, do I wish she was right.

Because of the radiology report, it took me several weeks to see the surgeon and my tumor had nearly doubled in size.  He wanted to do surgery that week.  I pushed it back due to a conflict with my boss’s vacation schedule (ahhh, to be able to make that decision over). 

One year, three surgeries, 6 chemo treatments, 37 radiation treatments later, my breast cancer experience was over, or so I thought.  My husband and I sold our house, quit our jobs, and moved 1,000 miles away from friends, family and cancer to live our dream in sunny Florida.

It’s been four years since that move, and I write this with no evidence of disease and with the overwhelming knowledge that you never leave cancer behind.  With each decision you make, test you take, headache you feel, friend you lose, friend you make, sunrise and sunset, cancer is with you forever.

Advocate for you.  Advocate for research and never take someone else’s word on your health.

***  Jennifer   ***

To see all of the survivor stories, please visit the Survivor Gallery. If you are a survivor, we would love for you to share your story.

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