Nominate a Bloggers Helping Bloggers Charity!

Is it really that time again? 

Oh yes!

We are just a little over two weeks away from the launch of the 2009 Boobie-Thon!  I’m so excited and well prepared.  Just a few more finish touches and we’ll be ready to launch. 

One item we need to still work on is the Bloggers-Helping-Bloggers charity.  What charity’s should be considered? Do you know of a blogger who needs help? Let us know by filling out the nomination form and then we’ll ask our volunteers to select the charity that will be featured as the Bloggers-Helping-Bloggers in 2009.

So, please speak up! 

The deadline for submissions will be Sunday September 27, 2009. The selected charity will be announced when we launch on October 1st! 

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