Play The Presidential Debate Boobie Game!

Yes, we’ve read all about the Presidential/Vice-Presidential “Drinking Games” that are going around and we wanted to offer up something a little different.

You don’t have to put down your glass (we are gonna need the alcohol to actually watch the debate) to play this game, but you will need to open up your wallets for a great cause….

The Boobies

We’re playing The Presidential Debate Boobie Game!  Please help us get the word out and play along with us.  I will be playing smile

The Guidelines

Donate $1 when:

  • Mccain says “My Friend(s)”
  • McCain talks about being a POW
  • McCain mentions Sarah Palin
  • McCain talks about Islamic Radicals/Terrorists
  • Obama writes something down
  • Obama says “eight years” or “more of the same”
  • Obama mentions his tax cuts for the middle class
  • either candidate says “Main Street”
  • either candidate claims to be “bipartisan” or working “across the aisle”
  • either candidate mentions mortgages or foreclosures

If you plan on playing, let me know!

Update: We did not include some common phrases like “Maverick” and “Hope” because we would like you all to afford your rent/mortgage payments this month.  Thanks for playing!

Update Two: The guidelines are just that.  Guidelines.  If you want to pick just three items from the list, pick three.  If you want to play them all, play them all.  It’s fun, it’s for charity! 

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