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Please share with us your story about Breast Cancer and the way it has affected you or someone you love. Tell us your story and we'll share it here.

Two years ago, I had my annual mammogram…

No big deal right. Never thought anything else about it. Then a letter came addressed to me, I can still remember the feeling. The letter stated I needed to return for a second test because something abnormal was on my right breast. My husband and I did not tell the kids. No need to worry them. I scheduled the appointment for the second mammogram. So when they called my name, I thought “no one” in my family has ever had breast cancer. (talking to myself)

So I asked the technician what was going to happen today—she said they would perform a more in depth mammogram and have the specialist review. If at that time there was still something they would perform a sonogram. So they performed the mammogram, then left me in the room to wait. I looked at the images from the first sonogram and saw the large mass on the right breast. My stomach felt sick. I thought to myself would my family be okay, would they be taken care of. (just typing this still makes my stomach hurt). The technician returned and said I would need to have the sonogram.

I am fighting to keep the tears at that moment from flowing (because I had requested my hubby to go on to work because I felt for sure everything would be okay). So I went for the sonogram—after it was completed, the technician said wait here and let the specialist review. Wait, wait! I felt like that 15 minutes was hours—the thoughts that ran through my mind. I was at that moment more worried about what if and how my family would be taken care of.

The technician returned and stated it was just a large mass (more of a discoloration in the top portion of my right breast). She stated all was okay. Let me say that again “all was okay”. Wonderful words. I left the hospital and returned to my car. I cried from relief. Meanwhile, my poor husband had not heard from me (panic). He had left work and was almost to the hospital when I called him with the good news.

Wow..when the word “Breast Cancer” comes to mind,

I can’t even begin to describe what goes through my mind.

When I was 13 years old, about to be 14, I met a WONDERFUL woman, Sandee ( She has been battling this disease since 1998 and is still kicking ass today. I do not remember how I ran into her site but I thank God every day that I did. A few months after reading her blog, I met another angel, Andrea. She was always there to lift Sandee up and her words were always perfect. She was fighting Breast Cancer as well since she was 26 years old and no matter how bad it got for her, she put her friends first. She put me before her…and I still wonder why? But that’s who she was; she was so uniquely special and genuine.

Being 15 at the time I received her “update” emails, I didn’t realize how critical Andrea’s cancer had become. She passed away November 20th, 2003. The cancer had spread to her brain and her physical body could no longer handle it. I didn’t think I could handle living without her precious spirit in my life.

As I am now about to be 20, everything that has happened has completely transformed me in that I love a little more, and want to reach out for amazing causes such as Boobiethon..Where there is life there is always hope. Always. Always.

Andrea and Sandee, you both are the biggest inspirations in my life and the love I have for you both is indescribable.

-Mollie Duvall