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Official updating hours are 8am to 11:59pm Eastern from October 1-7, 2009.

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Update: Thanks for playing everyone!  The Pink Light Special is over!

The next TEN NINE EIGHT SEVEN SIX FIVE FOUR THREE TWO ONE donations of $25 or more gets access to this year’s Pay-Per-Boobie section AND last year’s Pay-Per-Boobie section!

We’re on a mission to break $10K by 11:59pm October 7th and you can help us! So, what are you waiting for? GO DONATE!!

p.s. The Get Moxie Giveaway is still open, so you could enter into the contest AND see the Pay Per Boobies! Double the fun!

Post by: Mel
8:13 PM on Tuesday, Oct 06 2009
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I am still myself

I have never been one to join a cause. When I was diagnosed a month ago, I insisted I would never be one of those women who feel some sort of grand sisterhood with other survivors, or wave a banner at a walk. I am not about to go to any meetings to talk about my boobs. Hell, it’s only been a week since the damn thing came out, and I am tired of discussing it already.

But what I have realized is that I can say, “Here I am, this is what I look like now, this is who I am, and I am still myself.” I had a survivor reach out a hand to help me face my fears, and now I can do the same with whoever follows behind me. I am not my boob,and I am not my cancer, and neither are you. You follow me, and I’ll follow her, and together we will get through

To see all of the survivor stories, please visit the Survivor Gallery. If you are a survivor, we would love for you to share your story.

Post by: Mel
7:05 PM on Tuesday, Oct 06 2009
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When it’s over, it’s OVER!

Just wanted to let you all know that we close down TOMORROW October 7th at 11:59pm Eastern.  That means you must get your donation in before that time or it will NOT be included in our donation totals

Photo submissions will probably close around 8pm tomorrow, but we’ll see how far we can take it and will update you as we get closer.

So now is your time!



Do Something!

Post by: Mel
1:54 PM on Tuesday, Oct 06 2009
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How Sneaky Are You?

From now until 1:00 - anyone that can show us just how sneaky they can be AT WORK and send us in some photos that you have snapped AT WORK will get full access to the Pay Per Boobie section!!!  So grab your camera, go into your work restroom, or close your office door real quick and snap a photo and send it on in!!!  The risk of getting caught is half the fun and will help us raise more money!!!

Post by: Misty
11:04 AM on Tuesday, Oct 06 2009
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Get Moxie! Win a custom blog design just for donating!

How would you like to WIN your very own CUSTOM Blog Design from The Moxie Girls™ with CUSTOM Illustration by Green Couch Designs?  Well, as a thank you for donating $20.00 or more here is your chance! The Moxie Girls™ of Moxie Design Studios™ are waiting to come up with a high-end stylish blog design that’s created just for you!

The Moxie Girls™

Here is what one lucky participant will win -

You will work via email with your chosen designer—either Joelle Reeder or Kathy Scoleri, The Moxie Girls™ of Moxie Design Studios™—to come up with a design that’s created just for your blog! (One round of revisions is included on your blog mock-up.)

Your blog design also includes a Custom illustration by the incomparable Cynthia Frenette of Green Couch Designs! Your illustration will be unique and created based on your design requests. No redistribution or resale is permitted. (One round of revisions is included on your illustration.)

The IT Girl's Guide to Blogging with Moxie™

A signed copy of “The IT Girl’s Guide to Blogging with Moxie™” by Joelle Reeder and Kathy Scoleri, The Moxie Girls™ is also included.

How to Enter:

All you have to do is add the note “Get Moxie” when donating $20.00 or more - this is a must! A winner will be chosen on October 8, 2009 by random draw and notified via email. (so please double check your email address) That person will have 48 hours to respond before another winner will be chosen.

Want extra entries? Of course you do!

Blog and/or Tweet about this giveaway!! Make sure you use hashtag #boobiethon #getmoxie in your tweet! You also must return here and leave a linking comment to earn your extra entry. (only one extra entry per donation)

Komen for The Cure So what are you waiting for?  Donate now for your chance to win!

Once you’ve donated to Komen, come back here and submit this form along with the words “Get Moxie” in the subject. We will email you back and request the actual receipt you received from Komen that verifies the minimum amount of $20.00—once we get your receipt, you’ll be entered to win the Get Moxie Blog Design Contest!

Terms & Conditions:

  • Creative portion of the design must be approved and finalized by Thanksgiving.
  • Coding of the design must be completed by December 13, 2009
  • No redistribution of the graphics, theme or HTML for free or profit.
  • A “Website Design by Moxie Design Studios™”, an “Illustration by Green Couch Designs as well as a “Development by Emtwo Web Studios™ credit links must remain in the footer at all times.
  • This contest is open to personal blogs only. Sorry no business blogs or websites.
  • This contest will runs through (10.05.09 - 10.07.09)
  • One winner will be chosen by random draw
  • Winners will be announced on (10.08.09)
  • Blog design will be installed into your existing blog software (must be EE, WP, Blogger or MT)
  • Blog design implementation includes main page, comments/trackback pages, archives/category pages, contact page, about page (if applicable)


Post by: Jenn
8:04 PM on Monday, Oct 05 2009
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“No big deal, I am used to “living with cancer” as they like to call it.”

Hi Melissa,

I’m a two-time BC survivor—15 and 7 years respectively (and a cancer widow.)

My story in brief is here:

Now I dance and teach tango in Buenos Aires, since 2004.

Here’s my photo to add to the Gallery.

Thanks a lot.

Cherie Magnus


Please go and read more about Cherie’s story here and here.

These are the reasons, the VERY reasons we do what we do.  We wish health and happiness and a continued “cancer free” life to Cherie and all the survivors.  All the best!  The Boobie-Thon

To see all of the survivor stories, please visit the Survivor Gallery. If you are a survivor, we would love for you to share your story.

Post by: Mel
5:30 PM on Monday, Oct 05 2009
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Peep Show on iPhone from More Blu Sky

Boobie-Thon Do you have an iPhone?  Then Boobie-Thon has the apps for you!  More Blue Sky is generously donating 25¢ from each sale for each app listed below - from now until the end of the Boobie-Thon! 

You get to choose from:

Boobie-Thon Hot Girls: a fully interactive way to check out chicks in bikinis and lingerie on your iPhone.  You drop a coin in a slot and the shade pulls up for your “Peep” show.  Shake your iPhone or iPod Touch and the shade goes back down.  The cost is on 99¢ and is available for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

And for the ladies:

Boobie-Thon Sexy Guys: browse through tons of photos of shirtless guys, men in uniform or men modeling in their undies! All photos were selected by a group of women with high standards wink  The cost is on 99¢ and is available for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Please Note: Links above open up iTunes and bring you directly to the apps. They also open up the app store if clicked on from your iPhone

Both apps feature a fully animated sign which blinks and sounds like a real neon sign; completely realistic, totally fun and you’re helping kick cancer’s ass in the process.

These apps contain no nudity or sex - simply men and women in bikinis, swimsuits, lingerie, and underwear.

Now, go get one or both of them!  And thank More Blu Sky for sponsoring the Boobie-Thon!  You can also find them on Twitter

Post by: Mel
1:42 PM on Monday, Oct 05 2009
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Be Donor #130

We are only 4 donations away from logging our 130th donation!

If you are #130, regardless of donation amount, you will get free access to the Pay-Per-Boobie gallery.

Hurry up and donate!

Post by: Mel
1:39 PM on Monday, Oct 05 2009
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