Three years ago, Melissa Connolly (Mel) inherited the yearly Boobie-Thon Charity Event from it’s founder Robyn.  I am proud to say that I have worked with Mel all three years and watched the Boobie-Thon grow into something more and more amazing with each year that passes.  To say that she works hard on this project would be a gross understatement.  Her work for this starts months before the week long event begins, setting up the site and all the behind the scenes stuff that goes on in order to make this a success.  She is busy recruiting volunteers, and setting up schedules and when the Boobie-Thon begins… I am pretty positive she does not sleep during the entire seven days.

She is far too busy logging, checking and double checking donations, sending out confirmation emails, twittering, manning the Facebook pages, coming up with incentives to bring in more donations, dealing with the inevitable site issues that may pop up in the background, answering emails, filling in for photo editing and publishing when volunteers are not available - she does it all.  I cannot put into words how amazing this woman is.  I truly mean that.

Mel, I have worked with you for three years now and it has been an absolute pleasure.  I look forward to many more years working together.  I can’t wait to see what the future holds for the Boobie-Thon!  I am sure that all the volunteers share in my sentiment when I say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all that you do


Post by: Misty
10:05 PM on Wednesday, Oct 07 2009
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Congratulations! The best year so far.

Thanks to everyone who volunteered. You did a fabulous job!

By: TriciaComment Permalink • Posted on: 10.08.2009

Congratulations to Mel and everyone here at Boobie-Thon for exceeding all the goals we set this year.

Of course, the donors (photo and money) are to be commended for their efforts as well, but goodness knows that Mel has gone above and beyond the call of duty to make this year so successful.

I’m so grateful to everyone who contributed and can’t say thank you enough.

By: JoanieComment Permalink • Posted on: 10.08.2009

Thank you Misty!  You did not have to post this and I am so overwhelmed and in tears.  You are an amazing person and a great friend!

Thank you to all our volunteers. To all the photo participants and to each one of you who donated!

By: MelComment Permalink • Posted on: 10.08.2009
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