Where do I even start?  I guess at the top, as of this morning, we’ve recorded a total of $9,505.00 donations.  Our goal for 2009 was $10,000.00 and we are so close.  But we still need your help!  You can donate up until 11:59pm EDT tonight. TONIGHT! 

Photo submissions will probably close around 8pm tonight (though don’t hold me to that just yet…), so keep on showing us your boobies and we’ll keep on showing them to the world.  We have volunteers on right now waiting for to edit your photos and get them up on the site.  Let’s keep ‘em busy.  Get your rack out!

If you’ve donated already and/or submitting a photo, there are still other ways you can help.  Pick one or two or all of them and help us get to our goal.  Do Something!

Thank you to everyone who has donated and submitted boobie shots.  It’s not over yet so please keep us going!  Make us work for you.  We’ll totally love you for it.

Post by: Mel
12:23 PM on Wednesday, Oct 07 2009
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