The 2010 Boobie-Thon raised $10108.00

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The 10th Annual Boobie-Thon is almost here!

Post by: Mel at 9:43 AM on Wednesday, Sep 21 2011 in News | Permalink | Contact

Hey guys.  It's been awhile but it doesn't really feel like it.  I hope you all have had a fabulous year and are ready to kick off the TENTH (can you really believe it?) Boobie-Thon!  

This year's 'thon officially launches October 1st, but start to get those cameras out, because we accept pre-launch photos on Monday September 26th (in FIVE DAYS!).  There's much to do between now and then. 

As always, we are in need of volunteers.  If you are interested in volunteering please please please get in touch.  There are a ton of spots open for pre-launch and event photos.  

Thank you all for your continued support throughout the years.  Let's make the BIG TEN the biggest yet! 

Giveaway Updates

Post by: Mel at 1:15 PM on Tuesday, Oct 12 2010 in News | Permalink | Contact

We had a ton of great sponsors this year and I can not thank them enough for offering some fabulous prizes to our participants and donors.  Please be sure to check them all out and show them some love!

And now on to our final winners...

The Moxie Girls™ Blog Design Giveaway was won by Tamara at Good Advices!

Ms Tigerx at Tiger's Play, Renee and Todd at The Broad Brush have each won a StudioPress Theme Package from StudioPress.

The NippleCharms winner would like to remain anonymous.

Tasteful Treasures by Stephanie was won by Ms Tigerx, Amanda and one other anonymous winner.

Thank you all for helping to raise money for Komen and supporting the Boobie-Thon!


Moxie Giveaway Links:

StudioPress Giveaway Link:

Tasteful Treasures by Stephanie Link:

NippleCharms Giveaway Link:

In the home stretch

Post by: Mel at 9:31 AM on Thursday, Oct 07 2010 in News | Permalink | Contact

Hey everyone! Today is the final day of the 2010 Boobie-Thon!  Can you believe it's almost over?  I really can't.  This week went fast and slow at the same time and I can't believe it's all coming to an end again.  Thank you all for donating and submitting your photos.  We appreciate it so much.

We have new updates in both the covered and VIP Pay-Per-Boobie galleries, so head on over and check 'em out.  If you haven't donated, now is the time.  We can only accept pledges through 11:59pm Eastern tonight, so be sure to get it in to us so we can count it in our totals for 2010!

And the winners are…

Post by: Mel at 5:46 PM on Wednesday, Oct 06 2010 in News | Permalink | Contact

1. The SmartBitches, TrashyBooks giveway winner is Elaine! Thank you Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

2. The Fibers Giveaway winner was Tara! Thank you!

3. The Terra Cotta Inn Day Pass winner is Ms Tigerx.  Thank you Terra Cotta Inn!


We still have some fabulous prizes available, including two $50 BustedTees gift cards, an amazing custom Blog Design from The Moxie Girls, three StudioPress Theme Packages for WordPress, and some gorgeous intimate accessories from NippleCharms.

Breast Cancer Information - Stay Informed

Post by: Mel at 11:03 AM on Wednesday, Oct 06 2010 in News | Permalink | Contact

What is breast cancer?

Breast cancer forms in the tissues of the breast and is usually found in the ducts (milk tubes) and lobules (milk making glands).  

Who can get breast cancer?

Breast cancer is found in both men and women.  Although breast cancer in men is rare, it can occur.

Am I at risk of getting breast cancer?

Being a woman automatically puts you at risk for breast cancer!  Also the following factors put you at risk

  • age
  • age at the start of menstruation
  • age at first live birth
  • number of first-degree relatives (mother, sisters, daughters) with breast cancer
  • number of previous breast biopsie (whether positive or negative)
  • at least one breast biopsy with atypical hyperplasia


Will a mammorgaphy prevent Breast Cancer?

No, but they can help saves lives by finding breast cancer as early as possible, which means the early you find breast cancer, the earlier you can undergo treatment and keep your breasts. When caught early, localized cancer can be removed without needing a mastectomy.

The biggest risk you take by getting a mammorgraphy is the fact that the test isn't perfect and that the cancer can hide and not show up (ie. a flase negative). However, with regular checkups, breast self-exams and mammographies, the chances of finding breast cancer early is higer than not getting a mammorgraphy at all. Beginning at age 40, you should start to get an annual mammorgraphy.

I found a lump, so that means I have breast cancer?

Not necessarily.  8 out of 10 breast lumps are benign (not cancerous).  If you find a lump or change in your breast tissue, contact your physician and take charge of your health. Sometimes we would rather not go to the doctor (myself included)  because we are afraid of what they will find.  But knowing about it and getting it treated can save your life.  So put the fear aside and make an appointment with your doctor.


Every 69 seconds a woman dies from breast cancer.  Check out and find out how you can continue to help!

To find out if you are at risk, please check out the Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Tool.


Post by: Mel at 11:04 PM on Tuesday, Oct 05 2010 in News | Permalink | Contact

We just posted some new photos in the covered gallery and the VIP Pay-Per-Boobie gallery.  If you haven't donated or submitted a photo yet there is still time!  Also, check out all of our awesome thank you giveaways.

What will $50 get you?

Post by: Mel at 2:57 PM on Tuesday, Oct 05 2010 in News | Permalink | Contact

Sitting around wondering what $50.00 will get you?  Well wait no more...

$50 Sampler 1

$50 Sampler 2

Now get out your wallet, and make a completely tax deductible donation of $50 and we'll send you the login!

Welcome to Day Five

Post by: Mel at 8:49 AM on Tuesday, Oct 05 2010 in News | Permalink | Contact

So we're over the Boobie-Thon hump and have just 3 days left, so we need your help more than ever now. 

The covered boobie gallery has been updated this morning and the VIP Pay-Per-Boobie gallery also received an update.  So be sure to check 'em out.  If you haven't donated yet, we have some awesome prizes that we're giving away for donors - there's a $50 gift card to BustedTees, an awesome array of novels from SmartBitchesTrashyBooks and 7 day passes to the Terra Cotta Inn.

Also as a thank you to photo submitters, we also have a $50 gift card from BustedTees to giveaway and we have a fun twitter contest also where you can win a $25 gift card to Amazon!

Grazie. Merci Beaucoup. Danke. Gracias.

Post by: Mel at 11:48 PM on Sunday, Oct 03 2010 in News | Permalink | Contact

WOW!  So we are getting so close to $4K at the end of Day 3 and I have high hopes that things are going to pickup now that the weekend is over and everyone has to head back to work and their normal schedules.

I can not thank all of the donors and participants enough. You guys just rock!

I also have to thank all of you who are tweeting, facebooking, blogging, sharing links and just supporting us every step of the way. 

On top of that, we have some kickass volunteers who spend countless hours at their computers making sure everything runs smoothly.  Thank you all!

It is humbling to see everyone come together and promote the Boobie-Thon in their own way.  I sometimes don't know what to say, because thank you doesn't seem to be enough.

A Boobie Sunday

Post by: Mel at 9:37 AM on Sunday, Oct 03 2010 in News | Permalink | Contact

Hey everyone.  We just posted some new photos in the covered gallery and the VIP Pay-Per-Boobie gallery.  If you haven't donated yet, we have an awesome StudioPress Theme Lottery for all of you WordPress bloggers.  I'll be back shortly with a giveaway for photo participants -- no monetary donation required, just a boobie shot or two, so stay tuned for that.


The 3rd Annual BoobieThon in Second Life

Post by: Mel at 11:01 PM on Saturday, Oct 02 2010 in News | Permalink | Contact

For the past two years the SecondLife Boobie-Thon events have been hugely successful. And this year, Eva Bellambi and Serra Anansi have put together a week full of Boobie-Balls, art auctions and other special events in support of Boobie-Thon and Komen.  For more details please visit The Realm of the Red Rose and while you're at it, check out the 2009 and 2008 SecondLife Boobie-Thon's.

I'm doing my best to get to a few of the events this year, including the Third Annual BoobieBall - US event, 7:30pm - 9:30pm SLT,Winterfell Anodyne/Winterfell Harbor sim crossing.  Hope to see some of you there!

We are so proud to support the SecondLife BoobieThon and can not thank the event coordinators enough for putting all of this together.

Thank you for an amazing first day!

Post by: Mel at 11:51 PM on Friday, Oct 01 2010 in News | Permalink | Contact

Well we didn't do too shabby today folks.  Almost $2K in the first 24 hours.  We can not thank you enough for all your support, the donations, the photos, tweets and encouragement! 

While we get our beauty rest, you can continue to donate and submit your photos overnight. We'll be back Saturday morning at 8am with site updates and hopefully a ton of photos to publish.  If you aren't sure what sorta photo to submit, feel free to take a peek at the sampler page (not safe for work) I quickly put together.  I'll add some other ideas tomorrow as well. You can also peruse the past events for more ideas.  And if you have a photo request, feel free to send it in or tweet it to us and we'll do our best to get them in for you.

Remember..."If they're worth looking at, they're worth saving!"

Connect. Communicate. Conquer.

Post by: Mel at 8:01 PM on Friday, Oct 01 2010 in News | Permalink | Contact

Estee Lauder's new Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign is bold and pushes the limit of the breast cancer discussion and we love it!  

Calling all Boobies!

Post by: Mel at 11:59 AM on Friday, Oct 01 2010 in News | Permalink | Contact

What do we need?  BOOBIES!

How can you help?  BOOBIES!

Whip out those cameras and send us your shots - pretty bras, adorned in jewels, supporting your favorite team, chocolate covered, with a cherry on top -- we'll take 'em all!

Welcome to the 9th Annual Blogger Boobie-Thon

Post by: Mel at 12:00 AM on Friday, Oct 01 2010 in News | Permalink | Contact

We're so happy to see you all again!  Thanks for coming out and showing your support for us year after year.

As of 12:01 AM October 1st, donations are open.  Every year we have chosen a "bloggers helping bloggers" charity in the spirit of the original Boobie-Thon. This year our secondary charity's proceeds will go directly to the Fund for Gulf Coast Restoration to assist in the clean-up efforts due to the disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. It's completely up to you to decide which charity you wish to donate to -- or you can donate to both of them.  Remember, your donations to both of these charities are completely tax deductible.

So stop reading this...and go donate! smile


Live Tweet Action:: Just like last year we will be live tweeting the throughout the entire Boobie-Thon and you can follow us  here -- not only am I tweeting, but we also have a few volunteers getting in on the action this year.

Facebook Fan:: We reached over 1000 facebook fans this past week - please share our page with your friends and spread the boobie love!

Link us up:: Don’t forget to grab a button or badge and link to us on your blog.

Do One Thing:: If you don't know what you can do to help, do one of these things and it will make a difference.


For more information on The Blogger Boobie-Thon, check out our about page.  For Media Inquiries please contact us.

We'll be around for a bit tonight updating the site...remember our regular updating hours are from 8:00 until midnight Eastern October 1st to the 7th.

Welcome to Pre-Boobie-Thon

Post by: Mel at 10:35 AM on Friday, Sep 24 2010 in News | Permalink | Contact

PLEASE NOTE: This main page of the site will always remain work-safe with text updates only, as will the RSS feed linked in the sidebar. Only the photos gallery aren't work-safe.

One week from today, we kick off the 9th Annual Blogger Boobie-Thon!  Can you believe it?  9 years ago this little baby was born, thanks to Robyn and now this baby has grown up and gets bigger and better year after year.  We've got some exciting stuff planned for this year and hope that you will join us for another whirlwind week.

The event officially kicks off on Friday October 1, 2010 at 12:00am EDT and will run through 11:59pm EDT on Thursday October 7, 2010.

For more information about previous events, please visit the Past Events page.  Over the last 8 years, the Boobie-Thon has raised over $64,000.00 and we could not have done it without all of you who have volunteered, submitted photos and opened your wallets. 

Today we have opened the gates to the photo submission area and are now accepting Pre-Launch photos.  These photos will appear on the site when we launch October 1st.

Just as years past, we will once again have a private, password protected pay-per-boobie area with bare-boobie photos for donors of $50.00 or more. In addition, weve got two BIG SPENDER categories -- minimum donation of $75.00 will gain you access to the  2010, 2009 and 2008 pay-per-boobie areas and minimum donations of $125.00 will gain you access to the 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006 and 2005 pay-per-boobie areas.

Please come back and visit on October 1st for more information on how to submit your pledge and make your donation.

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