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Long time Boobie-Thon support DaGoddess, has a great little deal for you and I wanted to pass along the information! Please check it out and spread the word.

So, here’s the deal: Any three images* from my Fundraiser 2010 Collection or from the 2009 Collection are yours as 8×10 digital downloads for a donation of $120 or more to the Boobiethon. The only exception are *the photos of the teens. Images of the kids are not for sale. HOWEVER, a photo session like that is available to you and a friend for a donation of $250. You will receive at least 90 minutes of a cool ass shoot with lights, camera, and some styling. Makeup is all yours though. You will walk away with at least 5 photographs of you looking awesome — available on disc, digital download, or as prints, your call!

To make a donation for this session, you must present me with a copy of your donation dated between Oct. 1 and Oct. 10 (extra time to catch up) to either Susan G. Komen or Nature.org on behalf of Boobiethon. Travel, food, and lodging to, from, and in Las Vegas is your responsibility. We simply provide photographic services at a special FUNdraiser price. Daytime/nighttime, it’s up to you. We can go to The Strip for a glam night of paparazzi fun, hit a studio for a fantasy shoot, or rock it out in the desert or on a dry lake bed and work with all the drama nature likes to serve up.

Simply go to the Boobiethon 2010 page, make your donation, register it with Boobiethon and then come back here, leaving me a comment with a valid email address. I will contact you, get your confirmation information, and we will work out all the details.

Thanks so much Dagoddess for putting this together for us!

Link: http://dagoddess.com/?p=2817

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