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We had a ton of great sponsors this year and I can not thank them enough for offering some fabulous prizes to our participants and donors.  Please be sure to check them all out and show them some love!

And now on to our final winners...

The Moxie Girls™ Blog Design Giveaway was won by Tamara at Good Advices!

Ms Tigerx at Tiger's Play, Renee and Todd at The Broad Brush have each won a StudioPress Theme Package from StudioPress.

The NippleCharms winner would like to remain anonymous.

Tasteful Treasures by Stephanie was won by Ms Tigerx, Amanda and one other anonymous winner.

Thank you all for helping to raise money for Komen and supporting the Boobie-Thon!


Moxie Giveaway Links:

StudioPress Giveaway Link:

Tasteful Treasures by Stephanie Link:

NippleCharms Giveaway Link:

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