We’re not done yet

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We still have over six hours left before we close the doors on the 2010 Boobie-Thon.  18 new photos are going up right now in the Pay-Per-Boobie Gallery and we still have more to edit and publish.

If you're a Second Lifer, there's still some events going on today in Second Life -- go here for more details.

And for everyone still submitting photos, please get in on the Tasteful Treasures, Nipple Charms and the StudioPress Theme giveaways!  There's still time for all of them!

And if you are donating, you should check out the generous giveaway from Dagoddess. There is also a fabulous Moxie Girls Blog Design contest and another StudioPress Theme Giveaway.

Don't miss out on all the goodies while saving the boobies!


Earlier today I drew two names for the BustedTees giveaway. The "Donation Winner" was Nathan and the "Photo Winner" was @yberrybot. Thank you all for participating!

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